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Logo___White_BackgroundWelcome to TDB Computing - something a bit different in computing. We are passionate, talented, innovative and very creative.

We are not just web designers, but programmers first and foremost. Design is something we do, but we stick to the programmer's rule when talking to graphic designers:

We build the house - you colour it in.

Strange but true for we believe in starting at the foundations and working our way up.

TDB Computing is an innovative computer consultancy dedicated to using the latest technology to provide elegant and efficient solutions. We have reputation for efficiency, humour and technical excellence.

Add to that our ability to correctly and plainly communicate with clients and we have a rather unique placement within the computer industry.

We are based in the UK in and around London.

Database driven websites

tell_a_friend_istock_000007780059xsmallOur experience has shown that many individuals require a website that allows them to change page data, change page order and add and delete pages quickly and easily.

We have pioneered a system where pages are read from databases which are controlled simply from a back end area. This means the site owner can completely control the content of his site without contacting the web programmers. Pages can be easily added, content sorted, images inserted and the whole plethora of web maintenance performed without recourse to webmasters via a simple visual process.

This site is one such example.

Web Design

26We have our own team graphic artists and consultant available to design sites, logos and every other aspect of a company presentation.

Our customers rely on our professionalism, creativity and advice to guide them through the whole and often horrendous process.

We work with clients to ensure that everyone has an input.

From original logo design, corporate presentation and identity to publication and web documents we make this as painless as possible.

And unlike so many we are always available!

Database Programming

databaseA particular skill of TDB computing is programming websites to interact with databases. We have particular experience and abilities with PHP and Cold Fusion.

Designing and implementing database technology on the web is different from desktop programs and there are many pitfalls for the unwary programmer.

Our skills and expertise ensure we provide an effective solution.

We are also extremely competant desktop and SME solution providers.

Project Management

project_managementManaging a project is never easy, but TDB Computing have many years of experience in managing everything from the smaller project to large organisation projects.

Our staff and associates aim to deliver a slightly more unusual approach - less clutter, more direct reporting and more of a paperless environment. We do not believe in the abuse of the English language so ensure that everything is clear, concise and efficient.

A breath of fresh air!

Internet Market Analysis

snake_oil_salesmanWelcome to the doppelganger of reality! We have come across so much rubbish in this area we cannot fail but to make the page funny.

Recently our technical director - who does not suffer fools gladly - attended a meeting on Internet marketing and wrote the following memo to TDB staff.

" ... commenced with a suited man announcing he was an MBA and then spent 1 hour making me wonder what this mean. Here are some offerings:

  • Mediocre Bureaucrats Agonizing
  • Must Be Anal
  • Morons Bearing Articles
  • Mercenary, Banal, Avariciousness
  • Meatheads Being Ambitious
  • Morally Bankrupt Automaton
"He then proceeded to give out document containing (edited) some of the following:

During my brief stint as sometimes-Floor Manager of ..... I learned that you can't teach good business management. It's something that's born within you, or congenital, to use one of my favorite words. I mean for some business models, say, 18th Century Agrarian Business, you might need some additional guidance, but real business has only one textbook: your heart."

We feel it important to understand that an analysis of traffic comes from sound statistical principles which are explained to the client without meaningless waffle!

We can undertake detailed analysis and proposals - in English!

Our clients

clients11We do not list our clients as we have a personal rapport with each client and think it a point of major courtesy to ask!

Our clients range from large multi nationals to small SME and individual organisations.

Naturally we  will tell potential customers some of our clients – but we respect their confidentiality.



Hosting became an issue for us as our demands were frequently not satisfied by the average Internet hosting company.

There was only one answer - form our own. We believe we offer the most competitive hosting with technical excellence.

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contact us

testimonialsIn the first instance why not drop us an email?




We are in London (UK) so if you are in a foreign country and wish a call back please let us know a good time.

Our Products

CSS_Menu_MagicWe are the developers of a CSS Menu System for Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4 which enables developers and graphic artists to have flexibile menus either read dynamically (with dynamic parameter passing) or created manually.

Menus are 100% Javascript and CSS so no strange large chunks of script! And of course they work across browsers.

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