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The internet is a wild and insanely creative place. Numerous websites take birth, every single day. But, only a few can make a name for themselves. As per Netcraft, 75% of websites are not even active.  They are parked domains and the like.

That’s why intelligent webmasters build their own turf and create an email list from scratch. This way, they ensure that they are building a sustainable business that serves a loyal target audience.

But, your website is just a little drop in the internet’s ocean. Unless you can create a social media giant like Facebook or a Google, you’ll have to rely on other popular websites to increase your brand’s reach.

That’s why you repurpose your content marketing efforts, pursue guest blogging, undertake social media marketing, deploy search engine optimization and the like. It’s always good to reach a new target audience.

There are many shiny new websites and platforms that you must NOT get your hands on, because they are a complete time waster. But, in this article, I want to talk about a platform that isn’t one of those…Medium.

It’s a powerful blogging platform with a hungry target audience that wants to read excellent content. It was developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, in 2012. Primarily, Evan wanted to provide Twitter users with an option to publish their writings beyond 140 characters.

Now, Medium has become a separate brand with exclusive publications and blogs. It has become a perfect place for voracious readers. Hence, it’s a great platform to amplify your brand’s reach.

In this October 2015 blog post, Evan describes the platform perfectly:

Medium has become an ideas exchange, where thinkers, creators, and those with a story to share come to find their audience, move people, and move us all forward.

Would you like to put your content in front of Medium’s 30 million monthly visitors?

Then, here’s a simple guide to increase your content  marketing visibility on Medium. 

Getting started with republishing your blog content on Medium

Medium is an intuitive platform for bloggers with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) user interface. And, it has a simple sharing system, similar to social media marketing platforms, whereby readers can recommend or share an article.

Further, every piece of content marketing can be assigned a theme and submitted to publications for distribution. Later in the article, you’ll see how to select relevant publications for your content marketing and why this is an important activity.

On Medium, there’s another level of interaction that you can perform with an article. When you choose a chunk of text, you’ll get 4 options (see image below).

The first one will put a green highlight around the text. The speech bubble will allow you to write a response, while including your highlighted text. The Twitter icon works like a click-to-tweet box. And, the lock icon will allow you to save a private note on the chosen text.

You also get a personal stats dashboard, showing the performance of your published Medium stories.

Stellar formatting and regular schedule are essential for success on medium

While good stories spread like crazy on Medium, you can’t play with the appearance of your content. The platform’s design is minimalist and you’ve got to commit to offering a beautiful and pleasant reading experience, while accepting that you can’t do anything else.

Here are the basic formatting requirements on Medium:

  • Ample white space, because it can increase the comprehension by upto 20%.
  • You can’t use fancy fonts, because, well…comic sans sucks. No option to change the type, size and color either.
  • You have to indicate the estimated time required for reading a blog post. And, while the optimal posts are 7 minutes and 3-minute blog posts are the most popular…there was variance in the data. Overall, an excellent post that shows effort on the part of the author will do well.

  • Besides the usual heading tags and bold and italics options, Medium also provide you with drop caps and separator formatting options. And, you’re also free to embed content from social media platforms.


  • I recommend that you use pull and block quotes, to create important messages and takeaways from your article. It will help in receiving more interaction with your blog post, due to Medium’s native highlighting feature.
  • Always include a compelling visual at the top of your blog post. As Larry Kim points out,

“Such image insertion guarantees a mobile news feeds berth that’s click-worthy. Without the picture, the users will only see a few lines from your article (which is bland).”

Overall, the Medium team is committed to providing a terrific reading experience to its users. I would recommend that you check out Medium’s beautiful stories section. It will show you live examples of the exquisite formatting possibilities with Medium.

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