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a brief and non-technical overview

To many computer programming is a complex and expensive area. Yes it is complex and it can be expensive, but there are quite a few things to ensure fast delivery within budget and these are the principles to which we adhere.

Firstly the concept. This may seem very obvious but it is the major cause of over-runs and budget breaking.

We hear too frequently "Ah but could it also...". If it is not in the original specification it can be a nightmare to add what a client sees as a simple addition. In the computer world we call it scope-creep.

It is vital to get a clear understanding of the end result by answering some very simple questions:

  • what is the goal
  • what isn't the initial goal
  • what is needed now

Then it is up to the programmers to start with the question "how are we going to achieve it?"

This brings us to the second point - dialogue. It is essential to have a good rapport with the client. As programmers we need to understand the client and manage expectations.

We then need to fit the programming to the project. Too often it is the other way around which is a recipe for complete disaster.

Over 20 years we have developed expertise in all this.

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